Top 5 Music Apps You need to Have on Your Android Mobile

In this tutorial, I am sharing about that everyone searches for and most interesting entertainment  thing i.e music.Really there are a lot of music lovers those who treated music is everything.Most of them listen to music to refresh themselves.For them, there are many ways to enjoy music but all the ways are not suitable for everyone because there are many problems to listen to music whenever they want and where ever they want.If it is home then it’s ok and comfortable to listen to music and enjoy it.Today there are many apps are available in the market to listen to music very peacefully. Here I am sharing top 5 music apps to enjoy music without any problems with your favorite music.

Top 5 Best Music Apps:


Many apps are available to listen to Pop songs and western music but Soundcloud provides a great number of music albums and tracks to its users.This app is keep updated with the latest music by SoundCloud users across the world.Soundcloud not only providing music to its users but also this app gives you a  great opportunity for the music creators to develop and spread the music to its SoundCloud users.This is the best app to get a chance to

prove your skills to this world.


Spotify is the another music app to enjoy the music with online streaming music and it is updated provide greater access to many millions of songs.This app also gives another feature to listen to music offline by monthly subscription.You can find different types of music on Spotify.

3.Music Paradise Pro:

Here comes with another music app to download the unlimited number of songs for free.Music Paradise Pro App is providing legal access to all its users for downloading music from this app.Music Paradise is keep updated with latest music tracks to provide best to its users.This app is not only for providing music to its users and also you can share this music tracks with your friends but both the users must contain this app to share the music. Download Music Paradise  Legal app from its official site.


This is the most known app and it is very popular to provide online radio for years.Pandora keeps updated and providing better service to its users.You can save this music to your favorite artists.Now pandora gives you unlimited access to listen to music so that you can enjoy the music whenever you want.This app also provides subscription facility to improve your experience without getting adds, more skips and access to pandora desktop.


Another top app to provide high-quality music to the users across the world. Tidal app having a large number of the music library and also you can watch free music videos.The tidal app also gives a feature to find your favorite tracks and also a lot of listed music tracks and albums.Finally, this Tidal is not available for free and you have to subscribe to this for every month by paying money.

The top 5 Best music apps for all the music lovers to enjoy and providing a way to get good music without limits.These are the best music apps and next posts you can find more music apps to listen to music.